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MeterMizer- excellentsolution to micro dosing lubricant


Low Pressure Air Assist Lubricant Dispensing System or Airless Lubricating Dispensing System The MeterMizer is a positive displacement pump that dispenses lubricant into a low pressure steam of air or can dispense a controlled drop of fluid, void of air, to the work area. The low pressure air carries the lubricant to the work area and delivers it as a Minimum Quantity Lubrication non-fogging spray.

The dispensing of the lubricant can be controlled with a manual On/Off valve, solenoid valve, LSP Electronic Controllers and the LSP Air Timer. It can dispense in predetermined repeatable actuations, single shots or be tied into a machine and dispense on each cycle of the machine.

• Reduces Fluid Consumption
• Near Dry Lubricating
• Non Fogging Spray
• Reduces Cost of Parts Cleanup
• Keeps the Work Area Clean
• Lubricant can be dispensed two ways:
with a low velocity air assist or delivered as an airless drop
• Cools and extends tool life

Available with one to six ejectors per system. They come either free standing or in an enclosed system. All free standing units come with a Magnetic Base. Each ejector comes with a nozzleOn a twelve in flexible tube mounted on a magnetic base.  

As shown in the inset image above, the MeterMizer can deliver a low pressure air assisted spray .

XL Systems use the MeterMizer-SA inserted in security enclosures.  Standard models are available with one, two or three ejectors.

MetermIzer lubircating systems in secure cabinates


Available with Oscillating Timers or Solenoid Valves and with Reservoir or without.  Comes with Manifold, Ejectors, Manual On/Off Valve and Nozzle with Magnetic Base and 10’ Coaxial Tubing for each Ejector. (Magnets to hold the box in place are ordered separately.)

SA systems are designed as stand alone systems.

standalone spray lubrication system

Available with Oscillating Timers or Solenoid Valves and with Reservoir or without. Comes with Manifold, Ejectors, Manual On/Off Valve and Nozzle with Magnetic Base and 10’ Coaxial Tubing for each Ejector.

Applications requiring larger volumes of lubricant will be better served with a larger Reservoir. These resevoirs are usually remote form the MeterMizer and attached with five feet of plastic tubing.

The MeterMizer-SC for single cycles is designed to deliver lubricant and air together in quick short actuations upon command. A single Solenoid Valve is used to dispense air from the Nozzle Tip and actuate the Ejector at the same time to dispense a predetermined amount of lubricant into the air stream As soon as the Solenoid Valve is shut off the air will stop the system is ready for its next cycle.

This system is perfect for stamping, assembly, chain lubrication and other applications.

lubricating systems for large applications

The MeterMizer-BG is designed to handle additional Ejectors for the larger jobs where more nozzles are needed to complete the application. Large Reservoirs for the larger applications. Install REMOTE from the MeterMizer. Comes with 5 feet of tubing to connect between Reservoir and MeterMizer. Smaller Reservoirs, for the applications where Ejectors are not actuated as frequently, such as tapping or chain lubrication, attach DIRECTLY to the MeterMizer.

Includes: One Oscillating Timer or One Solenoid Valve, Manual On/Off Valve, One Nozzle, FlexTube, Magnetic Base and 10’ of Coaxial Tubing per Ejector. Reservoir and operating actuators are not included and must be ordered separately.

With Solenoid Valve Custom Assembled MeterMizers SA or BG assemblies mounted on special brackets. All plumbing and wiring in place and integrated for single line connections.   Specify:
MeterMizer Systems to be mounted on Brackets
Nozzle specifications
Manual On/Off Valves or Solenoid Valve for air in port
Permanent Screw type installation or Magnetic Base installation
Other accessories available upon request.

environmentally safe and effective lubricant oils

MeterLube is a family of environmentally safe lubricants recommended for use in the MeterMizer. MeterLube products are formulated from natural environmentally safe resources. They are safe because they are a renewable resource and a natural part of the environment. They have a useful life and then are readily biodegradable in a safe and beneficial manner. The MeterLube is not only safe to the environment it is also safe for the employees. It is economical to use, leaves a good finish on the work piece, extends the tool life and is easy to remove. There are several MeterLube products available. Each having features that are unique to specific applications. Find the right one for your application.

MeterLube A-413-A
A non-smoking lubricant, formulated for jobs that generate a lot of heat.

MeterLube A-193-A
Economical to use. A medium to heavy duty lubricant. Capable of doing most of the heavy duty jobs while providing good fl ow and shedding.

MeterLube A-260-B
The premium ashless lubricant. Medium duty, low viscosity high purity lubricant. Will not oxidize and burns off clean in heat treating.

MeterLube 6737
Most economical low viscosity ashless lubricant. Use when a heat treating follows the forming application. Gives a total burn-off and an ashless residue.






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