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Each nozzle individually controlled

Non-fogging airless spray

Reduced lubricant consumption

Increases die life

Sprays a wide range of lubricants

In 1964 when LSP introduced the original PresSpray Lubricant Ejectors we were at the forefront in introducing airless, automatic spraying of die lubricants to the stamping industry.

Back then stamping presses were unsophisticated, the feeds were slow and the lubricants basic. Today the presses are faster and more high tech; the feeds are made with closer tolerances and the lubricants safer and better. To keep up with these changes we have incorporated in the PresSpray-II the features necessary to meet the demands of twenty first century stamping industry. The basic design of the PresSpray-II is simple but functional. The way it is packaged allows the end user to install it in minutes. All of the major components are preinstalled at the factory. The end user has nothing more to do but to install the Nozzles and the airline and the system is operational. As soon as you start using the PresSpray-II you immediately start reaping the benefits of the unique design. That’s why we call this equipment, “The Next Generation of Die Lubrication.”

There are multiple Ejectors on each PresSpray-II. Each PresSpray-II Ejector controls one Nozzle, allowing an infinite adjustability over the spray pattern. By adjusting the Fluid Volume Control Knob on each individual Ejector changes the volume of lubricant dispensed from each Ejector. By changing the Air regulators pressure, either up or down controls the volume of velocity of the spray pattern on all of the Ejectors.

By adjusting the Velocity Control on an individual Ejector controls the velocity of the lubricant from that Ejector only. The PresSpray-II is a modular designed automatic lubricating system constructed to handle all the jobs, from large heavy applications to those that require just a whisper of a spray. No matter what your application the PresSpray-II will deliver.

• Each Nozzle Individually Controlled
• Non-Fogging Airless Spray
• Reduced Lubricant Consumption
• Increased Die Life
• Sprays a Wide Range of Lubricants









PresSpray II Features
Self-Contained System with Reservoirs

The PresSpray II Mounted on a Reservoir
A completely self contained system, large
enough to hold sufficient lubricant to do
the really big jobs yet sized to occupy a
minimum of floor space.

PresSpray II Mounted on a Bracket for the Big Jobs
The PresSpray II mounted on a bracket can be positioned or supplied with lubricant in a number of ways. On very large presses it is usually advantageous to install two smaller systems, one at each end of the press, rather than one large system. This makes for a cleaner and more efficient
installation by keeping the
lubricant outlet tubing as short
as possible. Each system can
be gravity fed with its own
reservoir or can be supplied
with lubricant from a centralized reservoir.
Lubrication System Bracket Mounted for Big Jobs
Lube System on a 4-Gallon Reservoir The PresSpray II Mounted on a Four Gallon

These units are just the right size for small jobs. They are light, compact and easy to carry from press to press. Set it on any flat surface or permanently attach it to the side of a press. Whichever system you get, you will be amazed at how a small package can do such a big job.


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